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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We had the following conversation amongst the usual posse.

We found out one day that Candle's Whatsapp did not display the names of the persons typing the messages in a group chat. She could still follow the conversation, but she didn't know who was saying what. However, she said she could guess, because each person had their own distinct style when typing.

Which led to an interesting game. We took turns to type sentences in Whatsapp and she had to guess who said what.

Of course, because we knew each other too well, we started imposing as other people, typing things that another person may possibly say, leading to probably a lot of confused reading on Candle's part. We find it particularly hilarious when we use each other's quirks to pretend to be that person.

The following conversation took place between 3 members of the usual posse, and Candle. Can you actually guess who said what?




I dreamt of steak last night.

Was it well done or medium rare?

Raw... Really RAW but hot!!! On a sizzling hot plate! :O

With lots of gravy!

Which part did he swallow?

The juiciest part!

The rump? :D

Yea, black pepper gravy... Spicy!!!

He gives me FEVER

And shiver...

Fa Shao!

How about the baked potato with sour cream? Got or not?

Yes, with extra cheese

Hard or not...

And bacon sprinkled all over!

Too bad, over cooked... Mushy mushy one :(

Not hard enough... sad... Potato must be nice and firm then nice

Must heat it long enough

Bake it till it's HOT

And HARD!!

And must not peel away the skin, it's nice and crispy


And this is when Candle finally entered the conversation......

So here is the following to think about:

1. Who were the 2 other people in the conversation, besides me? ( Of course I was one of them lah, see I help you all already )

2. Who said what? Match each sentence to who you think said it

3. Alternatively, choose your 'favourite' sentence in the conversation and guess who said it. :D

Can you guess? Show your answers below!

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