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Sunday, March 06, 2011

We were talking last night about North Korea, and we came up with an unlikely character of a superhero. ( Ok, I admit, I did, so I take all responsibility for this crap story. )

Take our friend, Big J, well known for his cold crap. Now, one day, on tour in North Korea, he tells a joke involving the Dear Leader and a phallus which fails to amuse the North Korean soldiers accompanying the tour group.

They promptly throw him in a North Korean gulag, and they decide that the most fitting punishment for this capitalist pig ( pig. hehe. ) would be to throw him into one of their nuclear reactors.

After he is thrown in, they throw on the switch. He feels all the protons in his body bursting apart, and in one last thought, he manages to make one more cold joke about his imminent death.

*BANG!* The nuclear reactor bursts apart and Big J is standing there, thrice the size he was and with 4 times the strength! Apparently, his cold joke mixed with the nuclear reaction and gave him superhuman strength!

While brushing aside the massive battalions of North Korean soldiers that come his way, he realises something: The more cold jokes he tells, the stronger he becomes! He is the crap-joke version of the Incredible Hulk, now known as the Incredible Joke!

"You know what happened to the pigeon who ate raisins?" Crash! A pair of war planes go plummeting to the ground!

"How about the playboy with 2 birds?" Aargh! Whole battalions of soldiers are swept aside with one handstroke!

"The priest and the bird!" Total annihilation! The Incredible Joke effortlessly crushes a pair of nuclear missiles heading his way and contains the blast in his humongous grip!

He uses his new-found powers to depose Kim and becomes the next dictator of North Korea, asking only that they feed him endless amounts of chocolate, which all the surviving North Korean generals do so, lest he unleash his joke about the priest and the bird again...... He lives in North Korea in a pile of chocolate for the rest of his life.

I'm sure most of you on my FB will know who I'm referring to... hehehehehehe... Any comments or ideas for the sequel? :p

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Anonymous said...

Over active imagination!!!