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Friday, March 05, 2010

Gym thought

Random thoughts while I was at the gym:

1. I feel more energetic after a good workout. I feel like I want to dance the lamboogie, the swing or the exotic... Anything as long as I move my body a lot.

2. I hope weight went down not due to water loss... Nobody loses over 1 kg in water loss, right?

3. Then again, my gym clothes can't be 1 kg lighter from last week's set, can they?

4. Doing weights makes me feel strong.., kinda like Xena. I feel like I can lift a kid in each arm.

5. But it can also make me feel drop dead tired. Like slop down on bed and sleep immediately kind of tired.

6. Lastly, is it time for me to get off this treadmill yet?

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