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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Would that the day would never end...

Due to privacy issues, and threats of death if I ever published photos without the consent of the subject, I can only offer a short photo diary of my 2 day weekend:

This was a more lazy weekend, one more for lazing at the park rather than any kind of frenzied activity. The weather was hot in the morning, but eased off towards the afternoon.

This was not a day for frenzied urban activity. This was a day for staying in, and reading a good book.

If the photos seem lonely, that's kind of the mood I was in during that short Saturday afternoon. Lonely not because of want of company, lonely because of a much-needed solitude after the hassles of the week before. A restful period of quiet meditation.

If only all days could be like that. Would that the day would never end...

and no, those weren't the only photos I took, but as I said, there are certain parties that would hunt me down to death if I ever published some of the photos that I took of her, so be it. :p

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