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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hai, I was wrong about one thing... Working away from work doesn't make it necessarily easier. In fact in some ways, it makes it harder, because of the thousand distractions around.

I thought of doing this during June, because I was so sianz of being at work. The idea is for me to periodically take work out of the workplace and do it in a more comfy environment, so that I won't get so stressed out.

Apparently it works best for activities involving red pens. -__-!!! That was easy for me to settle outside. It does NOT work when I am desperately trying to think of some astounding new activity that will simulate their growth, their learning, their socialization skills and amaze my superior at my superior intellect.

OMG I gotta find some way to write this up and NOTHING is coming to mind................

Ok, this is mainly because I am stuck in a kind of writers' block. Being in a new environment doesn't help, since I'm in the same brainfunk I would have been in if I was at work. The only bright side is that at least if I get totally fed up with this, there's an easy place to get a milkshake............


Reading through my colleague's superior report, I noticed there were some holes in the way the activity was organized. Did I download the wrong file or something? Because how was it she could have handed this up and gotten it past but when I do something almost like that, I got shot down....?

Well, at least after the 2nd round of doing, if I still get shot, I can say, "Well, I did what you told me and looked at her report and practically copied it from her and if you still don't like it, what the heck do you want from me?"

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