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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How the truth gets distorted

"How was your trip to Hongkong?"


"What did you do?"

"Oh... some shopping, and Jules and I went for the jacuzzi in the hotel one time."

Brain hears: Jules and Yenn shared a jacuzzi.

"Is it?? What did you wear?"

"Swimming costume and he wore trunks lor."

Brain hears: Juls and Yenn shared a jacuzzi half naked!

"How long did you stay in the jacuzzi?"

"Not long. After a while Jules found it too hot and he had to get out, so we went back to our room."

Brain concludes: Juls and Yenn shared a jacuzzi half naked, then Juls got too hot under the collar, couldn't control himself and they quickly went back to their room!!!

"Waaah!!! You two so exciting ah???!!!"


And that, ladies and gents, is how you distort the truth.

[special *request* by Yenn... or maybe I'm distorting the truth too... hahaha]


Anonymous said...


What an interesting holiday they two have...

(opps... brain conveniently forgot abt Selly)


Anonymous said...

Err she took pics then went back to the hotel room to sleep while we swam. She didnt have pics of the jacuzzi *phew*


Anonymous said...

WA....How can I miss taking photo of 2 of them (half-naked) in jaccuzi?

But I have other incriminating evidence...HUAHAHAHHAHHAHA.