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Thursday, February 05, 2009

What is happening to our gahmen?

Is it me, or are the politicians in Singapore suddenly saying a lot of inane things nowadays?

First it was Tan Soon Yong writing about a very expensive cooking class, but I could forgive that because it was his money. [If you had a lot of money and everyone else was poor, is that going to make you want to give it all away and live in an attap hut?]

Then MP Charles Chong had to add his two cents worth and commented that it maybe "made less mortals envious". As if working in a middle class society made you a "lesser mortal". Lesser maybe by some other deficient being's standards.

After that I read on mrbrown that Senior Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts, Lui Tuck Yew has declared the Internet "not an effective self-regulated regime". That's like saying that a Mercedes is 'not an effective minibus'. [I particularly like mrbrown's comments on this statement. Go read.]

And finally, to top it off, Singapore MP Loo Choon Yong has commented on ABS-CBN news that "procreation is not our forte", suggesting also that "because more free time did not necessarily result in more babies, people should work on Saturdays". Because we all suck at sex anyway, let's just spend the time making more money anyway. Because of course, workplace stress and overtime are not the reasons we aren't making babies. A lack of sexual procreational ability is.

*sigh* Singaporeans, please vote as best you can next election. If nothing else, at least to prevent politicians like the above from ever speaking in public again.

[all comments in open inverted commas taken from the source. Funnily neough, I couldn't open the ABS-CBN news website. Did someone in MICA finally start regulating the Internet? Hahaha]

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