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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random rambling 1:

Am going to Bintan tomorrow for 3D2N to do nothing but slack and forget that I ever have to go back to work.

Random rambling 2:

Opened email at 1:45pm to find that had entered wrong amount for Bintan trip and had to pay additional to make up the difference, or face reservation being let go without notice. Deadline of payment: same day, 12pm. -_______-!!!!!!!!!!!! [My understanding: If I do not pay on time, I could potentially go all the way to Bintan tomorrow morning only to find that the room would have been given to someone else.]

Random rambling 3:

Frantically log onto website only to find that payment was unsuccessful.... twice, with 2 different cards. Frantically call agency 5 times, only to find...... phone call mysteriously hung on other side. Wondering if my late payment among many others has been responsible for financial downfall of travel firm.

Random rambling 4:

Finally get someone on the line, spoke to her as *politely* as I could without actually shouting *too loudly, I hope* at her, and she confirms that the reservation will be held till I come back to Singapore. *phew*

Random rambling 5:

Finally feeling my heart beat go back to normal. Sighing over how job has quickened temper. At least I'll be able to go on my 3 days as planned.

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