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Monday, October 27, 2008

An appointment made to hang out on Deepavali Monday was duly cancelled on the morning of Deepavali Monday due to familial obligations. Namely, the obligation to hang out with family instead of me because of lack of time spent with them.

This is the kind of thing that you get irritated at because you shouldn't be irritated. Yes, he did make the appointment with you first, but he spends more time with you than his own family, but he cancelled last minute, but you know you'll see him next weekend and so on in a sisyphean cycle of forgiveness and blame.

I'm more irritated at the last minute nature of it all. Well, heck, if you wanted to hang with your family, then you tell me in advance and I'll just find other entertainment. But don't let me look forward to meeting you, only to let me down on the day itself, when it's too late to jio other people out ma. [and even when I surfed the cinema websites there's not even a show worth seeing. -_-!] I'm irritated that his family would 'book' him on such last minute timing, I'm irritated that he would go along with the last minute timing, disregarding plans made with me, I'm irritated that I have to play second fiddle to the deserving ones who contributed to his genetic makeup.

Bwah! I need something to stop me from getting more irritated by the minute......

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