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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sales and Weddings

I went for an FJ Benjamin sale on Saturday, where brands like the Gap and Guess Marciano were on sale. It was also a sale where the acrazed shopping bitch was prominently on display.

Witness: A guy pours a box of bags into the discount bin, where they are promptly and thoroughly snatched up by very quick hands, one being mine. I assess the bag, decide it's not worth it, and then throw it into the sea of handbags, where it's promptly snatched up by two lady sharks instead. *shudder* If I had thrown it back more slowly, I might have lost a hand.

Told by Quet: She carries a Raoul bag around her shoulder after deciding to buy it. Now, you see a woman carrying a bag, you assume that bag is her property right? NOT! A woman actually grabs at the bag on her shoulder, and then when Quet turns and glares at her, she actually asks if she's buying it.

Uh duh!!! If it's already on her shoulder, you think she's just carrying it around for the sake of a cheap shoulder massage?

Strangely enough, I like such sales. Amidst such predators, I feel like a hunter, sneaking and grabbing for prey....... :p Although that may mean I'm also eating too much meat in my diet.

I'm reaching the age where my friends and I are getting a whole lot of wedding invitations from people around our age group. And to the inevitable question: No, I'm not marrying him yet. :p It really seems as if most of our friends have reached the sell-by date and are now flying off the shelves a la a 90% off sale from FJ Benjamin.

It used to be that we would mainly meet for birthday parties. [still do, actually :P] but now instead of cake and dinner, it's cold dish, chicken, fish, seafood, noodles, dessert and the complimentary doorgift. And it's more expensive than any birthday present I ever bought. -_-!!!

And it's no picnic for the couple either, as anyone who's had to attend to the logistics of a wedding can attest to. All kind of finicky details, from the gown right down to what kind of cloth to be used for the tablecloth. -_-!!! Personally, bridezillas who insist on planning down to the tablecloth confound me. To me, something white that I don't have to personally launder later on is ok with me.

Although the DF brought me to one of his colleague's that was remarkably elegant in its simplicity and cheapo-ness. The couple saved a bundle by booking a SAF chalet at Changi, [yea I know, not the most ideal of locations] and had a buffet dinner for all the wedding guests instead of the usual ten courses.

But yet, the air was cool when they took their vows. The wedding couple facing the calm sea as they were joined in matrimony, the sky almost at dusk. No one had to dress formally and because of the out of way location, it provided a great amount of privacy. If you couldn't go to Bali, this was the best and closest you could get.

Interesting. Sometimes I wonder if by worrying about all the nitty details, we lose sight that what is at heart is the joining of two hearts, together, through all of life, till death do us part.

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