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Saturday, September 13, 2008

My friends and I have become the Bedsheet Bimbos.

This started out innocently enough when Candle first discovered Aussino, and that one could have colour-coordinated, 200 threadcount bedsheets and pillowcases. Then Yenn got into it, buying quilts, bedsheets and more pillowcases than the number of pillows she has on her bed. ^-^!

This month Candle, Yenn, Quet and I embarked upon the hapless Aussino staff at Paragon during their sale. Before we did, over dinner, she was telling us about how some people she knew had spent close to $500 on bedsheets, pillowcases, quilts and other assorted at Aussino.

"Who spends that much on bedsheets?" Famous last words.

After the shop closed and we were the last customers in the store, the cashier racked up sales from us to a total of $412.50. That's like an average of $100 spent by one person on bedsheets. -_-!!!!!!! [for the record, I only bought a comforter set at $42.]

Who spends that much on bedsheets? Us, the Bedsheet Bimbos.

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