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Friday, August 18, 2006

This is funny. And should make you want to quit your job.

Some observations from Lindy class:

1. Beware of the shirts you wear, innocently snitched from your brother's wardrobe.

"Can I see your shirt?"


"Hey, isn't that the name of the nudist beach in Australia?"


"Hahaha! I wouldn't have known it of you!"

"It's not mine! I got it from my brother's wardrobe! I swear!"

"Yea sure!" *wink wink*

And later with other partners,

"Manly beach. Heh."

.................................................. -_-!!!

2. Fast Lindy songs are hard. Slow Lindy songs are harder.

With fast Lindy songs, you fly by each beat and triple step in a blur, swooshing around from A to B and pulled around by your partner as if you were a shot put ball at the end of a string.

With slow Lindy songs, you feel like you're doing a Lindy Tai Chi.

Example of a medium Lindy beat:

Rock step triple step rock step triple step

Example of a fast Lindy beat:


Example of a slow Lindy beat:

Rooooocccckkkkkkk sttteeeeepppppppp trrrrriiiipppplllllleeeeee sttttteeeeeppppppp

'Nuff said.

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