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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More Cookie Crap

Now that I've ended my practicuum, and er, trying to get my butt to doing up my practicuum file, I've a lot more time to do a lot more slackerworthy stuff, like:

Play the Kingdom of Loathing

A smart, wacky game, reminiscient of Tom Holt's books and cover art, it's a prehistoric, stick-figure style RPG. No need to make your characters move, or do all those flashy power effects. This is a fool-proof MS-DOS style RPG game where all you have to do is read the text, and make your selection. Good for pple like me who like their games simple, and idiot proof.

The funny part is in the way they wrote the game. For instance, I'm a Pastamancer Level 2 [Yeast Scholar]. In my first quest, I killed fluffy bunnies for their meat, and helped a Pretentious Artist find his palette, paint and pail, for which I acquired an Empty Pail. That should tell you what the game is like.

And then I stumbled onto Grating Cards, cards for those un-Hallmark moments. Like when you want to tell someone that:

Oh yea, says it all. 6 cards for $20 if you're interested. Just don't tell me who you're going to send them to.

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