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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Crazy Japanese

Courtesy of someone Candle knows, here's some Japanese phrases some of you might find useful:

omae no ketsu wa kirei da na --- Your butt is beautiful

ii karada shite da na --- Nice bod

kissu shitai --- i want to kiss you

kissu shite --- i want you to kiss me

sekuhara --- sexual harassment

onatarashi --- playboy

watashi no kokoro wa eien ni anata no mono desu --- my heart belongs to you

watashi no kokoro wa kizu tsuita --- my heart is broken

of course, someone with an intermediate grasp of the language, and particularly foul humour, can also manipulate the phrases to come up with other stuff

Guess what the following mean:


omae no ketsu o kissu shitai

watashi no karada wa eien ni anata no mono desu

and finally, what you would always love to tell those you aren't too fond of:

watashi no ketsu o kissu shite


Anonymous said...

sugoi no watashi ketsu

Anonymous said...

i apologise but i have to do this.

ketsu don

Anonymous said...

So what do the rest of the phrases mean? If you can't translate them for public view, email me! ;p