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Sunday, April 16, 2006

In a recent email...


After seeing ur pix......... I can understand how cramped the place was. My sympathies... :D I don't think I would have been able to sleep much in such a place....

Then again, it still looks more comfortable than the bus to redang... hahahaha....

But hey, at least you got to go somewhere.... that's one advantage of a big place like China... there are more places to travel within the country itself and since it's within the country, you don't have to worry about visas and stuff... the thing you have to worry about more is money i guess... esp. since that time you were looking at Tibet of all places..........

I wish Singapore was as big sometimes. But sometimes, I also think, maybe I'm so convinced that there's nothing to see in Singapore because I also can't be bothered to walk around and open my eyes.

I find this a lot in other Singaporeans. People always say there's nothing to see or do in Singapore, but what they mean is there's nothing worth their time to go see or do.

But that's pretty much a matter of perspective isn't it? If you think that things that are different from what you are used to are not worth seeing, then you won't see very much at all.

For eg, how many pple do you think will be crazy enough to go all the way to Pulau Ubin like we did that time? Just for the heck of cycling around the island? Most pple won't, because they think that there will be "nothing" to see in Pulau Ubin. Despite Chek Jawa, swamps, tons of greenery, old temples, and fresh coconuts. [the best part of the entire trip]

Sometimes I tell pple something about Singapore, and they're surprised that such a thing existed. Or that there was such and such a place. Or that they could do that in Singapore. They don't explore, they don't walk around, they only want to stay in their shopping centres. And what will you ever see beyond those airconditioned walls?

*Sigh* Honestly I miss having you around at times like this. I think you were one of the really few pple who were willing to do all these crazy stunts with me. [definitely you can forget abt DF] It's pretty sian walking around and wandering by myself like some loner outcast freak.

Or sometimes I wish I was out traipsing around in some foreign country with you, getting lost, asking for directions, taking photos and seeing loads of stuff.

Or maybe I just wish I was anywhere but here, dreading the prospect of going back to school tomorrow.

*Sigh* Or maybe it's just too late at night and I should stop this email now.


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Krystal said...

I miss Candle too babe. =) But she'll be back soon and then she'll have all these stories to tell us and photos and stuff. It will be all good again