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Friday, April 14, 2006

After reading Yenn's blog, hey it looks like both of us are going through a wallowing phase in our work. Kampai, fren, time to hit the bottle.......

Yes, I hit some pretty big rocks at work this week. As in, ship-almost-capsizing kind of rocks. I had some pretty bad observations and took a plummet in the self-confidence, and for a while there, I was severely regretting a signature on a certain piece of paper.

The one thing that saved my ship was my Lindy class at the end of the workweek. Kudos to Lindy. It's pretty hard to feel depressed about work, when you're too busy trying to remember something like "fall off the log, 8, 1,2, step, down, jump! Back! 8, 1, 2, step, down, kick! 8..." and so on for an hour, and then trying the same moves without crashing into your dance partner in the meantime -_-!!!!!

Suddenly it hit me how important an after-work life was. We keep thinking about how little time we have to finish the work in our lives, and we spend so much time on it, that it becomes so hard to get it out of our minds. It haunts us after work, it haunts as when we eat, and it haunts us when we sleep. You become so tied to your work, that your confidence, your self-image and the rest of your life gets tied up in it as well. And when something happens to affect it, it affects everything about you badly.

If I had no Lindy class that night, I might have gone home totally depressed about the observations and my teaching ability as a whole. Instead, I rushed [almost late] to Lindy, worked my way through the Chase sequence, stayed back an extra hour for the Charleston stroll sequence, [a highly aerobic dance sequence that left me sweating and panting] and by the end of the night left the studio on a high.

Granted my mood didn't stay so high for long, but at least it wasn't as low as it was in the afternoon.

Can I keep this up as I take on the full workload? I honestly don't know. There may come more than one time when I would have to sacrifice my Lindy or even my weekend Jap for my work. But at least I know now that for the sake of my mental sanity, I can never fully give them up. They are too important to me now, and their importance lies beyond the simple acquisition of a new skill.

And thanks to all who've expressed concern over my face and outrage at the facial place. Thankfully the scabs are healing, and some of them have dried and falled off, leaving smoother skin in their wake.



Anonymous said...

swing saves lives!

hug, and good luck with all the shit


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I think all the more I hope I can end up being a singer in a pub or part of a band... ;p