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Friday, March 31, 2006

mondai ja arimasen

For the past few nights, Yenn and I have been going for Jap lessons at night. Which means that we have to rush down after school, sit through lessons we haven't revised for, and go home just in time to sleep and rest for the next day.

And you can tell this is taking its toll on Yenn, when she starts saying the darnedest things during lessons, like "Biru o yondeiru" - I am reading beer

But this was the absolutest gem said in class so far.

Sensei: "Neteiru toki, nani o kimasu ka?"
What do you wear when you are sleeping?

Yenn: "Nani mo kimasen."
FYI, kikimasu means to listen, and kimasu means to wear.

Sensei: "Nani mo??????? Yenn-san!!!" Sensei puts her hands to her head in a gesture of helplessness while her face goes into a horrified scandalized expression, as the whole class bursts into uproarious laughter. Yenn looks puzzledly at me and asks, "What did I say?"

Minnasan, what do you think Yenn said?

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