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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Work sucks. I feel shit about the first lesson I ever did, but I'm trying to comfort myself by saying 1) it's not an observation lesson, and no one was around to see me screw up 2) I'm still in training, so I still have excuses,

and 3) I will do better next time. There's no way but up.

*sigh* Anyone got a few grand to lend me to break my bond?

On a more lighter note, here are pix of some of the stuff I got for my quarter...

Remnants of the seafood dinner with my family. As you can see, we liked the food.

Indirect present from the uni gang, courtesy of a Borders card. Haven't started reading any yet, though, because of the pile of library books I have to clear.

Card from the Slayer. The inside reads, "That either means 'Happy Birthday' or 'I left a dead rat on the sofa'. Wicked cute.

I think my brother's trying to make a hint at my newly found out attached status with this. Either that or he's telling me not to heavy colour light fren.

And finally,

This is from HIM. A collection of 8 different premium chocs. Though I have to say, this kinda stuff is wasted on me, because I ate one so far and I'm like, that's it? Shld've gotten me Royce.... heh. But I still love the thought of him buying me something.

My dad actually gave me ang pow as well, but............

Well, I paid him back for the phone he bought for me, and he took out one of the $50 notes I paid him, and said, "Here, that's your birthday angpow." -_-!!! So my 'present' aside from the dinner was a $50 discount on my new phone...... My dad for you...........

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Anonymous said...

Wah!!! Not bad.. u enjoy your birthday.. and the GODIVA chocolate is quite ex leh.. If you are not interested, I don't mind having one.. heheheh