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Sunday, December 04, 2005

All I want for Xmas...

after I get my palm/graphicstablet/comics/artmaterials/photoshopsoftware/books....

would be this little toy:

Go to bloglines blog to find out more..... but suffice to say i'm not about to invade any countries with it.... but it looks like a darn cute toy... :D

One late night at a 24 hour's Mac's with the guys, and one packet of seaweed shaker powder.

Jul: "Eh, donno whether nice or not, should we still pour it into the fries and shake? It's pure MSG leh!"
Turt: "Pour it on the tray then we all dip lor"

Warnings of MSG and transfat pouring through my mind, I regretfully take a few fries [sans seaweed powder] while the guys gobble the lot, realising that they very much liked the seaweed powder after all.

I didn't realise how much they liked it though, till much later after the fries were finished, and I caught the two of them dipping their fingers into the powder and sucking it.

Me: "What the hell d'you think you're doing??!! That's pure MSG!!!"
Jul+Turt: "Er, nice mah... ok I stop...."

So they stopped a while, and we talk some more. After a while, Turt takes a straw and starts to play with it.

Then he takes the straw, presses one end into the powder, and puts it to his mouth and licks it, almost looking like a coke addict snorting up his coke.

I shriek again, and he hurriedly retreats, chucking the straw to one side.

Then the ultimate conclusion. Jul gets bored, and pours out an unused packet of chilli onto the powder. [??] Then he starts mixing the two together to form a vile-looking and equally vile-smelling mush that looked as if it crawled out of a Potions class.

Snorting the powder was bad enough, but now he was almost on the verge of creating a new lifeform with that smelly thing. Finally the stuff gets thrown into the bin at my command.

I swear. Boys.

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