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Saturday, August 04, 2007

If Singapore was a person......

I first saw this in the Miyagi blog and am pasting it here 'cos Irene Ang is a fantastic comedic actress, and the whole dialogue is just... plain funny. :p Happy National Day.

What if Singapore was personified anyway? I think......

1. He would be a bespectacled middle-class white collar civil servant.

2. Who would grumble if he had to work past 6, and mumble that upper management better give him his overtime pay in the next month's salary.

3. He would work hard for his monthly salary, but discourage others from 'taking risks' or 'doing sales' because it's 'very hard to earn money'.

4. He dutifully goes to work on time, and leaves at 6 [unless he had to work OT] in time to eat dinner with his family and watch Ch 8 dramas.

5. 'Holiday' in his vocabulary is synonymous with 'package tour'. [my personal gripe] Any other kind of holiday to destinations outside of tour package destinations are 'dangerous'.

6. He'd shake his head disapprovingly at any one else who does things differently from he does, because they're all suicidal.

That's Singapore as I see it. How about you?

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Miss Loi said...

This sounds so like Dad.